Keynote: MisplAIced - great AI solutions need good UX

With ChatGPT and others being a huge success, it is tempting to add an AI powered chat to everything. Whilst AI is here to stay, this won’t give you satisfied users. Let’s take a look at all the use cases for AI and what traps to avoid when you upgrade your products to be ready for this new world.

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Christian Heilmann
Chris Heilmann dedicated the last 25 years of his life to make the web work and thrive. As a lead developer on some of the largest web products he learned that knowledge is not enough without teamwork and good handover. He worked at Yahoo, Mozilla and Microsoft, building the web platform, browsers and developer tools. He strives to make code and coders work efficiently. He is the author of several JavaScript books and the Developer Advocacy handbook ( He is currently director of developer relations at WeAreDevelopers and spends a lot of time pondering how machine learning and AI can aid humans and replace jobs we're too important to do.