The socio-technical developer

Software systems are socio-technical systems. Organizational forces shape the software, which in turn shapes the organization, resulting in intertwined structures that can be hard to change. To change either, you may need to change both. To have real impact as a developer, it’s not enough to be tech-proficient. We must learn to negotiate and communicate well, build trust and collaborate, and gain support for our ideas. How do we do it in practice?

Intended audience
Everyone contributing to software products in some way.
Key topics


Social Media
About speaker
Einar W. Høst
Einar W. Høst is a special advisor at the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration. He enjoys collaborative modelling, API design and computer programming. Over the last ten years, he has done talks on a variety of topics, including domain-driven design, hypermedia, resiliency, and recursive art. He has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Oslo.