Exploring better ways to write tests

Very often we focus on improving the way we write tests within our test frameworks. I on the other hand invest time into building new test frameworks. Over the last years I have worked on end-to-end testing cloud native applications, which lead to the development of a BDD feature runner. This year I took the idea even further with a focus on coming closer to the goal of living documentation for the entire system. This talk should inspire you to not accept the limitations your test tools have.

Intended audience
Testers and developers who have previous experience with using tools for automated tests.
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About speaker
Markus Tacker
Markus is a coder by heart and an organizational hacker by passion. As a software crafter he uses his 25+ years of experience working as a developer, consultant, coach, mentor, and founder to build cloud-based solutions for the Internet of Things. His professional career has been greatly influenced by taking an active role in communities, whether as a participant, contributor, initiator, or speaker. He especially enjoys the diverse and deep discussion of the Software Craft Community. He lives in Trondheim, Norway and enjoys plowing through deep snow on snowshoes and enjoys Scandinavia’s beautiful nature in his black campervan.