VR GameDev Secrets: How we made a walking potato sim

Step behind the scenes at Breach and see how the Trondheim VR company created Kartoffl, their first fully in-house virtual reality game. The talk takes you through the creative process of making the cute VR puzzler from beginning to end, via the first sprouting ideas to designing, prototyping, developing and finally releasing it on the Meta Quest Store. Expect ridiculous designs, bloopers, scrapped concepts, and possibly even the chance to pick up some hard-earned lessons on VR gamemaking!

Intended audience
Anyone into game development, game design, virtual reality and the anatomy of digital potatoes.
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About speaker
Martin Sivertsen
Martin used to be a web developer, and before that a tech journalist. Nowadays he creates new realities - and the occasional Lemmings-inspired potato puzzle game - as CTO and co-founder of the Trondheim-based VR company Breach.