Behavioral design in your next project? Of course!

Working with digital products, our goal is to get a user to change their habits, try something new, or complete a task in a new way. All of this is behavior. Isn’t it strange then that we talk so much about user needs, but so little about behavior? In this talk I will share some inspiring examples of behavioral design in practice, and provide get-started-on-monday advice as to how your team can build better products by working intentionally with behavior.

Key topics
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About speaker
Sonja Sarah Porter
Sonja is a UX designer and Practice Manager (Fagsjef) at Bekk. Deeply passionate about nurturing a vibrant and industry-relevant community of practice at Bekk, she has lead a community of practice for Behavioral Design, with a mission to explore fields like cognitive psychology and behavioral science, identify useful insights and methods and translate them into the digital product design context. Her client work the past two years has focused on the digital banking experience for SpareBank1, the psychology behind personal finance decisions, and how digital applications can help people work towards their financial goals.