Becoming more Efficient with Infrastructure as Code

Have you ever spent endless hours clicking around cloud interfaces to create services? Does the complexity and time required for setting up even simple infrastructures leave you frustrated? Let’s make the cloud work for you!

In this talk, we’ll explore why you should start using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and how it brings both engineering performance and security benefits to both enterprise and smaller systems.

Say goodbye to manual configuration and hello to streamlined processes that saves time and effort.

Intended audience
Developers working with cloud technologies.
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About speaker
Stian Standahl
Stian is Chief Architect at Sticos, Trondheim, fueled by a passion for software craftsmanship and agile methods. With a background spanning 14 years as a full stack developer, he has mastered diverse technologies, from pure JavaScript frontends to Java and C# backends, and even ventured into textual machine learning. Currently, Stian is dedicated to enhancing team efficiency by enabling and empowering them to achieve self-sufficiency, with a special focus on leveraging infrastructure as code.