Accelerating Ray Tracing for Mobile Gaming

Ray Tracing is a rendering technique modeling light transportation in a scene. The technique is commonly used for computer generated movies but has recently also found it’s way into real-time gaming. The Arm Immortalis line of processors developed in Trondheim tops various mobile ray tracing benchmarks. This talk aims at explaining ray tracing as a concept, how ray tracing can be accelerated in hardware and how the Vulkan API enables you to do so.

Intended audience
Any developer with some background in (or interest in) C, C++ or computer graphics. I plan to keep it accessible to a general software developer.
Key topics


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About speaker
Torbjörn Nilsson
I am a senior software engineer at Arm, where I develop the GPU drivers focusing on the Vulkan graphics API. I have a academic background in theoretical physics, worked on 5G baseband software and finally ended up in graphics. At Arm I implemented major components of our support for raytracing in the latest generation of mobile phones, as well as supporting the development of android 13 and 14.