Accelerate learning with Event Storming

Product owners and domain experts are the ones who possess the knowledge necessary for the team to achieve your goals. However, spreading that knowledge from a few people effectively is a big challenge with direct impact upon the quality of the product or service, as well as the timeline of delivery. Event storming is one of the techniques that address the challenge. In this presentation, I’ll explain how it works, how to use different colours and how it helps to eliminate the knowledge gap.

Intended audience
Software developers, architects, project managers, and business analysts who are interested in improving their understanding and collaboration around their systems and domain-driven design. Additionally, individuals who are involved in agile development practices or interested in exploring new techniques for modelling and designing complex systems.
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About speaker
Vladas Diržys
Vladas Diržys, a Sportradar veteran for 13 years, is an accomplished Tribe Architect for the Live Data Tribe. Previously a Tech/Team Lead, he combines technical expertise with leadership acumen. Vladas, hailing from Lithuania, enjoys basketball and running in his spare time. As a dedicated father of 2 and loving husband, he embraces an active lifestyle. Professionally, Vladas is fascinated by Domain Driven Design, Event-Driven Architecture, Event Sourcing, Java, and Kotlin, making his conference insights invaluable.